Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Basketball and god and UFO's

Quite a few things are on my mind. If I can get myself to write, I try to stay focused on at least one thing. But it was an eventful weekend.

First off, I checked my yahoo email, something which I do not do enough, and never on a regular basis. There was an email from the big daughters basketball "coach"
He is not her regular coach. It is a special program we pay extra money for her to attend. It works on focus areas, one thing at a time one day at a time. One day they may just dribble, for two hours. The next they may just run drills, you know, that kind of thing. Anyway, the email is from the people who run the facility that this goes on at. It was a letter informing us parents that they have decided to open and close each practice with a prayer, and they were making sure that was ok with everyone. And of course it was. There were all the respond emails saying how that was wonderful and we could all use a bit of prayer. Yippie.
So here I sit. Not knowing what to do, but mainly pissed the you know what off! How come around every corner someone is trying to press their religious beliefs on other peoples children? Obviously, the first thing we want to do is say, NO this is NOT ok with us! But been there done that. I tried to fight for separation of church and state here in our own school system with no avail. Walked away feeling like I really stood up for mine and my child's rights, but only got labeled "the atheist mom" and more invites for my kids to go to church with other people than ever.
Just leave your god out of my kids basketball! Please!? And do people really think, that if there is this all powerful god, that he or she is sitting around waiting to answer peoples prayers about how their basketball practice is going to go, or has just gone? Hell, he or she cant even answer the prayers of the sick and dying, and you expect this god to help your kid focus on the goal better? Sheesh! Give me a break.
And, I don't know what to do?!

Second off, my whole family saw a UFO this weekend. For real. Let me clarify that I said UFO, not aliens...but an unidentified flying object. It was awesome. We were driving back to tx from southern ok after visiting Dad A. There was what looked to be the smoke that comes out of the back of a jet plane, or maybe a really long tail of a comet in the sky. The Man noticed it first, then I did. We thought it may be one of the two things I just said, but noticed it did not move. For over 50 miles. It did not disappear like clouds or smoke from airplanes do, or like a comet tail does, it just stayed there in the same position for 50 MILES! We noticed a few other people driving by us with their heads pressed to their windshields pointing at it. Finally, near the tx border, we pulled the car off the highway and stopped on the exit ramp. We all exited the vehicle, all five of us and just stared in disbelief. It was different, standing there in the open air looking up at it. It was "beyond" the other clouds in the sky. It was up there with the stars. And yes, I took 15-20 pics, and no, one one of them came out. We stood there in its "presence" for a bit, then got back into the car to head on down the road. When getting back on the highway, on the on ramp, there was another car pulled over, with a man and a woman outside looking up. So we were not alone...we are not alone.
It was pretty awesome to share that experience with my whole family.

That's all friends. Over and out.

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