Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Raising Little Nazis

So, I have recently posted a video on fb of a little girl stating what seems like someone else's opinion. I got this post from a cousin of mine and shared it on my page. As my husband and I watched it, we did laugh out loud...it was kind of funny, especially for him and I with the viewpoints that we share. I later read that some people labeled this as child abuse. Well, wait, guess I ought to show you the video...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8x14cLGh5o

So there! Make you laugh? Make you mad? Make you think? It is obvious to me this is a script of some sort that this little girl read. I have a 9 year old child. I know the amazing capabilities of her brain, and as freakishly smart as I think my girl is, she does not have the vocabulary to make a statement like this child in the video. This was her parents point of view being expressed through her. Is this child abuse or is this their right to raise their kids mirroring their beliefs? All of us that have decided to reproduce have a great responsibility on our shoulders. These children we are raising in our own image will be running the world while we are in diapers in nursing homes. The decisions we make today affect the world we will live in tomorrow. But what if I am a racists? What if I am a Nazi? What if I am an atheist? What if I am a christian? Is that not my right as well to raise my children to believe what I do? I have a friend who knows a couple that make their little girls listen to gwar. No Hanna Montana allowed! No barbie birthday cakes, gwar cakes with blood and body parts. They don't want to be raising normal little girls, they want them rough and tough. In my thoughts I feel sorry for them. All little girls should have the right to listen to this teeny bopper crap if they want to. God knows all of our parents had to deal with new kids on the block. But then again, this is their right. They produced those kids and if they want to force gwar down the throats of little girls, so be it.
The kkk is alive and well in the united states today. And why is this? People reproduce. They have sex and they have babies. Lets just say you are in the kkk. Then you have a child. Are you then going to decide to raise this child to be color blind? I think not, whether we think this is right or not, we are not the parents of the offspring of kkk members. Whether this in the eyes of most is a terrible injustice for these children, they are not our children. I am judged on this level a lot in this small texas town due to the fact that I do not take our children to church. I can hear it now, "Oh those poor little girls being raised by those non-church going people!" We are invited to attend church with people on a regular basis. As if there is something lacking in our lives since we don't attend. We must need someone to step in and show us the right way, right? Wrong, our kids our choice. If we want to raise them as nazis, we could. If we want to teach them hate, we can. If we wanted to put our kids on a youtube video knocking religion and bill o'reilly, we can. They are ours. And what they become as adults falls squarely on our shoulders.
It does seem so simple to me. Love is the answer. If we raise our children with love, they shall love in return, respect each other and respect the earth. It does seem so simple, but then again is it? While at the zoo with my daughters we were behind a group of mothers and their children. These children would finish their snacks, juice box's, bags of chips and throw them on the ground. WITH TRASH CANS RIGHT THERE! I felt to much rage over this simple act, but obviously, they are not mine. And obviously they are not being trained or raised to respect this planet and throw their trash away! I know mine would never do such a thing because we have raised them to respect this earth. Those mothers did not.
So whether you are dressing you kid up in a kkk costume or putting them on youtube with a political message or just letting them throw trash on the ground, this is your right. I hope we can all deal with the outcomes of our choices when these kids become adults. Do I think this video was child abuse? no. Do i think this was this little girls thoughts and ideas? no. Would I have watched this video if it was a 30something man saying it all? no. Wouldn't have sparked my interest. But there is a fine line here. Saying something is child abuse because we don't believe in it is silly to me. We are all different. Heck, go to the jungles of south america or the deserts of africa, go to the tribes that have not been affected by the outside world. Is it child abuse when their kids run naked? Is it child abuse when their babies are tattooed? No, it is a different way of life. And that is life, right? Ever wondrous, ever changing. Always learning, always teaching. Teaching love or teaching hate, teaching religion or teaching spirituality or teaching none, teaching to recycle, or not, each and everyone of us has that choice. I hope it is a choice we can all live with. But I certainly do not think these choices are child abuse, just rights we all get to have as parents.
Well, there! Whew! Thanks for reading if you did...I'll get off my high horse now and go finish the laundry..