Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fat Kids

So, last night we went and watched the big daughter in a choir performance. It was good. I mean, you know how that stuff goes, and hour to long, trying to keep the middle and little one quiet, people around me farting, holding my breath, all the usual.
But I have never seen so many fat kids! I swear every other girls belly was hanging over their jeans. It was sad. When I was a kid, we had the regular 3-4 fat kids in school. That was about the norm. Now they are everywhere!
And I place all the blame on their parents.
What do you feed your kids? What do you let them put in their bodies? Do you think they want to be fat? Do you take them out and play with them or do you let them occupy their time in front of the T.V., internet, video games, or just laying around on their cell phones? Do you keep your fridge filled with soda? Do you shove happy meals down their throats because it is easier for you? Wake up, America! We are doing this to our children! We are one of the most over weight nations in the WORLD and it is by choice.
Sorry for the rant. It just makes me sad. So many of these kids are going to get sick, diseases, have low self confidence and it is all because of the lifestyle their parents let them lead.
I know certain children may have problems with things like their thyroid and what not...but not all of them. It is laziness on the part of the parents. And it is crap. We are buying less and less swing sets and trampolines and more and more x-boxes and laptops. We are setting these kids up for a line of health problems for the rest of their lives. We are setting our kids up to die before we do.
You know, we are a very poor family when it comes to money. My middle girl likes to say we are rich in our hearts and poor in our pockets. And I like that. But you know what we spend money on? Food. About $170 bucks a week. We choose to drive two towns over to go to the health food store instead of walmart. We choose fruits and veggies over snack cakes. We choose healthy meat and eggs over crap you have no idea where it came from or what is pumped into the animal it is made from. We choose to read labels. Maybe we would save a bit of money if we shopped without having our health in mind, but we wont. Period.
So to each and every one of you parents that hands your kids a little debbie when they walk in the door from school instead of an apple, shame on you. If you are mad at me and my words, good, get mad, then calm yourself down and think about what you are doing to your kids. I am not telling you to cut your junk food out. That is just a lifestyle we have chosen that works for our family. I am not telling you to only shop at the health food store, another choice that works for us. I am just telling you to be aware of what you are giving/doing to your kids. Everything in moderation. Give your kids a fighting chance to live to be old people. Thanks for listening.

Oh, and before you call me out on it! I smoke. I know, shame on ME! SHAME SHAME SHAME! But not in my house, not in my car with the kids and only additive free cigs. I know, justifications...yes. But one day at a time, right?


  1. I work at a middle school, and you would not believe how much consumption of food and sugary drinks goes on in class, most of it given to the kids by the teachers. Candy and chocolate chip granola bars every day, pizza parties once a week, science projects that are edible (making ice cream, using marshmallows and toothpicks to make models of molecules), popcorn just for the heck of it... Plus lunch, of course. And the stuff kids buy from the vending machines or bring in themselves. I'm not surprised so many kids are fat.

    Linda Good

  2. Nothing like making me feel bad for the box of little debbies I just bought. lol

    We don't have a decent health food store but I try to read labels. Yes, I let them get the Christmas Tree little debbies and nemo fruit snacks today mainly to get them to behave while I shopped. Got home from the store though and they are eating apples and the Christmas trees remain unopened. It amazes me how heavy kids are. We ate junk food, watched tv, and played video games but still got enough exercise that we weren't big. As for thyroid conditions, I am less than 20lbs from my ideal BMI/weight after having 2 kids in the past 4 years and no thyroid for 8.

  3. I have a beef with school lunches as well. Thats a whole other rant! Thanks for reading. Scubaslayer, sooo not trying to make you feel bad! Moderation is the key! As you well know :) And just so you also know, you look good, mama!