Thursday, April 21, 2011

I got on facebook tonight, yes, again. The first post that comes up is from an old friend of mine from high school. It reads something along the line of, "Tough week? Imagine knowing you were going to be crucified tomorrow" And I felt bad.
You know I am not a religious person. I don't know how I feel about all this stuff and it drives me crazy. I grew up in church, every freaking Sunday of my life, I know all the stuff. I don't buy it. But that doesn't mean Jesus wasn't a real guy, just as Buddha or all the other guys. Were they gods? I do not think this is so. Did Jesus get killed? Probably, did he come back to life? No. I just don't think so. I do leave the room to say I may be wrong. I have not died yet so I do not know. I may go burn ins some fiery pits of hell when I die if all that crap is real. But I am 99.99% certain it is not.
But I did feel bad. IF that happened, it would suck. I would hate to know that I was going to be executed tomorrow. I am sure anyone would.
I also got a call from the family wanting to know if we were coming up for Easter. We do not celebrate Easter. Not in the way or for the reasons they do. I will let the kids hide eggs in the yard and instead of Easter dresses and what not, they get a new book or something. We not do religious things this weekend like we would be expected to partake in. We do not celebrate someone dying and supposedly coming back to life. You know the whole "zombie Jesus" thing? Well, I am sure if you are reading this, you do. Well, my middle daughter does not.

And I was talking to her tonight about what Christians believe about Easter. And just guess what she said. "Mom, that's like Jesus was a zombie or something." And went on to ask how grown up people believe in zombies but not in big-foot or aliens. I just didn't have a good answer for her.
But to whine a bit more, you have all these people breathing down your back because you don't raise your kids like they raise theirs. And I am sick of people feeling sorry for my kids and somewhat upset with me because they truly believe I, single handedly, well, you have to add the husband, but we are sending our girls to hell. Do you know how many people are probably praying for my poor kids souls right now because of their atheist parents?! Sheezzz!Give me a break. Do they teach their kids to love people unconditionally or to go around deciding who is going to hell or not.
But why did I feel bad? My children are educated on all different religions, and if they choose to take those paths, they can. The big daughter is going with the Christianity thing right now and the middle daughter is undecided but she is rather interested in Buddhism. When the Buddha show was on PBS she watched it every day. The same show, over and over. Hey, whatever. I do not want them to grow up and say I led them in the wrong direction, or down a path they didn't choose for them selves. Some people may say they are to young to decide this but I say no. My kids are smart kids and I, as their mother, know what they are capable of learning and deciding. I will not make them be Atheist or Christians or anything at all. They choose.
So get quit praying for us because you are worried about our souls. Think happy thoughts about us. Not that you have to save my family.
I guess I just felt bad because thinking about anyone knowing they were going to die tomorrow would suck. That sucks. I am sorry if Jesus had to go through this. I bet that it was terrible for his real mom and dad. The people that had sex and made him. Because we all know that scientifically that is the only way possible to procreate. And lots of you feel bad for me and mine because I believe this. I love you people and I do not feel sorry for you or worry about you if you and I do not share the same spiritual beliefs and I hope one day the feeling is mutual. We are all on our own paths and it would be pointless if they were all the same.
I guess that is it. I hope you all enjoy this weekend however you choose to.

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