Saturday, July 10, 2010

The West Memphis Three, from my brain

So, I want to write here more. I need to get over my own "fearing of being narcissistic" crap...lots of people blog...about things like cup there. It is a goal of mine to soon write every day. If I can find the time, between three daughters, one husband, two dogs and Today I feel like the WM3.
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West Memphis Three. It sucks they have a "title". If you don't know who they are, go here:
Did ya do it? Now you know. I know that hundreds, thousands of people around the word are wrongly convicted. There are women right now in third world countries being stoned to death because their husband wanted it to happen and claimed adultery. But what can I do about it, other than care. Here in America, there are these three guys, there names are Damien, Jason, and Jesse. If you know me, and were/are friends with me, they were like us in the 90's. They listened to metal. They wore black. They smoked cigarettes, probably pot, too. They were BAD kids...just like we were. Only some horrific murders occurred in their town that didn't occur in ours. If they had, it could have been us.
Today is Jessie's birthday. Poor Jessie. He is mildly mentally retarded. The police forced him into a confession after some 15plus hours of interrogation with out a lawyer present. They nailed them. You need and answer for murders of little boys. I would, if it was my son, brutally murdered along side his young friends. We remember these boys who lost their lives in the most awful way. Chris, Michael, and Stevie.
Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore were killed in 1993 in a way no child should ever go through. In a way no parent should ever have to hear about. And their killer got away with it. Sick bastard/bastards.

Only thing is, they didn't do it. Damien, Jessie, and Jason, that is.
This was the middle of all the satanic panic that happened in the late 80's-early 90's. I know you remember it. When all the schools banned KISS 'cause it meant Knights in Satans Service....that is so laughable now, being grown, looking at kiss.
I don't want to make this a blog about the facts. I you want those, go to, like I said. If you are reading this, I presume you know what I am talking about.
These innocent men cross my mind every day. Be it during cooking a great dinner for my family, or going to sleep in a nice comfortable bed with someone I love beside me. Or maybe it is just as simple as walking outside to check my mailbox, or wiping my ass in the privacy of my own private bathroom, with good toilet paper, I might all. These guys get none of this. Every single day of their lives.
Want your food?, Here it is on a tray, slid through your barred cell door, or served in a cafeteria like setting full of REAL criminals. Eat in peace, my friend.
Wanna go to sleep? Not till the MAN tells you you can. And here, on this "smaller than twin" sized mattress. Either all alone, missing your wife, in a cold cell, or maybe with a cell mate, that you don't belong with. At all. Fuck your comfort.
Wanna get your mail? Maybe, if it is written "the right way", on the "right paper", no stickers, no choice. I'll give it to you if I feel it is appropriate, if not, too bad.
Wanna wipe your ass. Go for it. Here's some John Wayne toilet paper. Here's a guard or cell mate to watch you taking a shit. To watch you as you make sure you got it all. How fucking degrading.
If you know the facts. And I mean FACTS. Not opinions. DNA evidence, my friends. False confessions since retracted, you know these guys didn't do what they are accused and convicted of. You know "they" just needed someone to blame, and these kids fit the part perfectly. Who would stand up for them...then? No one. No one except their poor "white trash" families that the state could easily discredit.
Please, please, pull your heads out of your asses before any more innocent men(children turned into men)die. They didn't do it. You know it. It's hard to admit you are wrong. Especially when you have stood strong for so long. This I know. But sometimes the time comes to say, "I, we, fucked up. Were wrong. I/We're sorry." Go live your lives.
I wonder what they would be, if they were free. With all the talent that lies within them. All the love, all the patients. All the people that surround them with love and positive thought and vibes....Hmmm. What would they be? What would they bring to society?
But in the words of a famous WM3 supporter, "Society, you're a crazy breed. I hope you're not lonely with out me."
And here are a few more famous supporters, if that is more likely to sway you...!/album.php?aid=1861&id=100000947890792

Please think of them. Tonight. As you lay you down to sleep. Jessie. Damien. Jason. Think of them, laying themselves down to asleep, as all the rest of us are free, out here. Free to sleep in our own beds, make love to our lovers, get up when we want, walk out of our doors when we choose. Think about the killer/killers that got away. Help them. If you only send a letter, that is enough. Five dollars on their commissary is beyond awesome. Buy their shirts, books, CD's, movies, whatever. Write your local congress man. Write Obama. Write Oprah. Do something. And if all you can do is tell a friend, tell them. Open peoples eyes. Get behind these guys, before its too late.
Happy Birthday Jessie. Lets hope it's the last you spend alone.
Free the West Memphis Three.
From the bottom of my heart.
One of them wrote this song. May as well have been all of them.

Free them. Free the West Memphis Three. Sleep better at night 'cause you opened your eyes.
To you three men, I am sooooooo sorry. And I love you from the bottom of my heart. If I live to see you free, I will be one happy human being.

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  1. this breaks my heart sooo much. thank you for writing this, and having the ability to write what so many of us wish we could say, i want to do something, i want to stand up and fight, these 3 are so obviously innocent, this is just so wrong, i love this country and want to believe in it, but how when the judicial system has so completely failed for these three men, i wish them the best, and hope for our future, let this be noticed so this may never happen again.